Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a relatively new tool available to be used by businesses in the way they market themselves in the age of the Internet.

It has the power to bring thousands of new visitors to a business’s website, and without it, a business can essentially be invisible on the internet, foregoing the acquisition of many new customers, clients, leads and business opportunities that are simply taken up by the competitors who are ranking.

Therefore, a good search engine strategy is essential to any business that wants to increase their exposure to a larger audience and can represent a core part of the marketing and advertising enterprise.

Although costly, like all advertising, SEO is unique in that it has tremendous staying power, with its effects lasting months, even years, after the optimisation efforts have ceased. For this reason, whereas traditional advertising campaigns are loathed as a necessary expense, SEO can be seen as an asset because it adds to the foundation of the business’s web property and online brand.

You can spend thousands of dollars trying to generate leads and sales through Google Adwords, Facebook ads, flyers in the mail, drink coasters at clubs, YellowPages ads, etc. only to realise that money was essentially flushed down the toilet when it generates few leads, and doesn’t even come close to generating an ROI or breaking even. Moreover, once you stop paying for those services, the only lasting effect is the pain from all the money lost that you really needed to spend elsewhere.

On the other hand, the effects of search engine optimisation are essentially permanent; bit by bit it takes your local business from being an idea stuck in a shoebox under the bed, to becoming the go-to authority in your market, locally, nationally, or even internationally. When you can harness the power of SEO, your business venture will explode and you will become a force that is unstoppable.